About thecookingapple

We are a mobile cooking school, operating from some fantastic local venues and at private events since 2017. Having been a local, in-person business when we opened and then 100% virtual during 2019/2020, we now do both; offering both local events and online classes.  

So if you want to move beyond cooking ‘the same old’, fancy doing an activity with a friend, have kids who want to try cooking or need a corporate event that is guaranteed to bring a smile – we are here for you!  Have a look around the site to see the latest.

Free inspo’ anyone?! Check our Instagram and Facebook for free ideas for easy lunches and dinners – as they happen in my house. Always happy to answer any questions or give ideas (especially if you hit ‘follow‘!). Access my pages via: Instagram @thecookingapple or on Facebook @thecookingapple.co.uk

Who are we?

Following a career as a senior food buyer for Sainsbury’s and an HR consultant specialising in training & development, The Cooking Apple was started by Pip Porter, whose passion for food was formalised with training at the Cordon Bleu School, London in Basic Cuisine.

With 100 hours of classes and 100 hours in the kitchen, the course qualified her in a number of areas including butchery and fish preparation, pastry and sauces.

She has also completed courses with Leith’s, Divertimenti and Thai cookery schools in a broad range of cuisines, breads and patisserie.

Why us?

Our classes are run by trained professionals who are qualified and constantly updating their skills to ensure you access to up-to-date knowledge and techniques. 

The teaching style of our classes is informative but relaxed. It’s your chance to make mistakes, laugh and cook with others. The classes are very hands on, so you will get plenty of experience (nothing beats just giving it a go!). Our events are a chance to relax and watch us do the cooking while you nibble on samples and hopefully get some inspiration for cooking at home.