Hosting a corporate event with us

In 2020, almost 88% of businesses around the world asked their employees to work from home. Recent research shows that even as restrictions are lifted, 87% now want the ability to choose where they work. Going forward, 98% of business meetings will have at least one person joining from home.

Source: British Chamber of Commerce

So, how do you keep your team feeling socially connected in this new working dynamic? 

Cooking together is a documented stress reliever.  It brings people together where the shared goal is to relax, have fun, get creative and let off steam.

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Here’s why a virtual cooking event ticks the box:

  • It forges a feeling of team
  • You don’t need the weather to play ball
  • It works for any gender and age
  • It can be tailored to include any culture and dietary need
  • It works well for extroverts and introverts alike
  • It doesn’t demand a certain fitness level
  • You don’t even all need to be in the same place!

Why us?

We’d love to host your team event. We have a proven track record of success at hosting well organised sessions.  We are told our events are packed full of ideas, hands on fun and delicious.

From just £35 per person, online or £45 per person for an in-person event; it’s a great way to get together small teams or large and put something a bit different in the diary to get everyone talking (and possibly gently competing!).


We’d prefer you heard all this from our customers; here’s what they think


For every 10 places booked, you can have the 11th on us.

“Great food.  Great fun.  Expert instruction.  Relaxed and informal way to meet up and share quality time together.”

Dec 2021