Teen Classes

Teen Lockdown Thursdays!

We had a great term to finish 2020 doing Halloween and Christmas cooking & baking. Now you are back schooling at home (don’t worry – you can do this!) I have a whole new set of Thursday afternoon classes for you. Come and learn some new tricks and dishes that can be made – totally by you.  The class will finish with a demo of something sweet that matches well with your delicious dinner.

Half Term Baking

Ok, so half term may normally be a time to visit family or friends or go on holiday, but right now, all that is a bit on hold. Don’t worry, we are all in this together and if you LOVE the smell of something good baking in the kitchen or LOVE mucking about with icing and decorations, we have something to entertain you.

If you are 11-18 years old (or 8 and above with an adult helper) come and join this friendly class, held via Zoom, where we will be making something delicious for teatime.  With family favourites such as scones, chocolate refrigerator cake, shortbread and mini Victoria sponges; we will have everyone in your house reaching for a cuppa to go with your tasty bakes.

Private Tuition – Pre Uni

NEW! Cooking for yourself (and hopefully others too!) is a life skill.  When it comes to doing it for the first time, on a budget and with a small, shared kitchen – that’s an art. 

We want to share the basics with you to get you started (how to shop on a budget, the basic equipment to start a mini kitchen, what to do with leftovers). We will also take you through a core selection of dishes which will be your ‘cooking capsule’. 

All dishes are designed to need minimum equipment and time to succeed, so you can eat well whilst having time to get on with life.  These specialist tuition sessions are for maximum of 4 guests or just 2-to-1, giving plenty of time to answer questions and to get you equipped with speed.

Please ask for more details: pip@thecookingapple.co.uk

Are the virutal classes suitable for my child?

Teens are welcome to attend on their own if they are 11+ and have basic knife skills (and critically – your permission to do that). I ask that there is an adult on hand to help with anything hot. For kids at the young end of the scale, I suggest an adult on hand generally. We want to keep things safe, especially when it comes to knives and ovens.

Got kids younger than 11 who love cooking? The classes are also suitable for enthusiastic pre-teens (9+ for Mid Week Chefs, 8+ for Weekend Baking), but I would ask that these kids have an adult buddy who does the class with them. Buddy comes for free!

Any questions as to whether it is appropriate for your child – please ask.  Some teens who have come to these classes are now cooking one night a week for their families – it can happen!

Spring 2021 – Class List

If you want to be first to hear, join our mailing list. Simply email pip@thecookingapple.co.uk


Chinese Stir Fry Noodles

We are off to China for the Year of the Ox and to celebrate, we are making a stir fry full of luscious, soft noodles, the protein of your choice (prawns, chicken, tofu – you choose!) and a tasty sauce. The dessert demo are Cat’s tongue cookies. Look them up! They are not what you might think, just delicious melt in the mouth vanilla cookies (sprinkles optional – but very recommended).

28th Jan – 4:45pm – 6pm – £17.50

Mini Cottage Pies

Back to England for some good, old fashioned home-cooking pots of yumminess. You can make them cheesey on the top, buttery on the top or just gorgeous potato fluffy. For dessert we are keeping it mini too and making a chocolate mug cake (or two, or three…)

11th Feb – 4:45pm – 6pm – £17.50

Chicken Samosas

We are off travelling again. This time to India for some gently spiced (or no spice if you choose!) chicken samosas and fluffy rice. Crunchy on the outside and oozing with filling on the inside – these are fun to make and eat. For todays dessert we are making some Indian inspired jewel iced fairy buns.

25th Feb – 4:45pm – 6pm – £17.50

Teen Baker: Half Term

After the fun we had at Christmas – be rude not to do it again! We will be making two sweet bakes to make fill your kitchen with half term aromas and deliciously decorated treats.

18th Feb – 4pm – 5:15pm – £17:50

Teen Baker:

Mother’s Day Baking!

Come and bake some delicious bite-sized treats to wow your mum on Mother’s Day.  We are going to be baking on Saturday afternoon, so you can have everything made (and cleared up!) in time for putting on a fab Afternoon Tea on Sunday.  Everything tastes better when it’s made with love – smile guaranteed..

13th March – 4pm – 5:15pm – £17.50